My crappy morning, or, “More like ASS-port!”

So yesterday, I go to the Passport Canada website and I click on “where can I submit a passport application?” and it asks where I live. I say Burnaby. It goes “ok, here’s exactly one option.”

But I’m clever – I read the fine print. It says if you need urgent processing, to get your passport in 10 days or fewer, you need to submit the application at a special location, and it provides a link.

So I click the link, and it asks me where I live. I say Burnaby, and it says “ok, here’s the same one option.” So I feel pretty good about this being the right place. It’s open from 7-4. Fuck. I can’t go after work.

So I get up early this morning, have an unexpected, surprise, COLD SHOWER because our water heater is broken AGAIN, and I bike to the ONE LOCATION where I can submit my application for a fast passport. The jaded government employee behind the counter, who seems to have made it her little project to be as unwelcoming as possible, greets me with a terse “Next.”

This place is called “Service Canada.” A joke, I’m assuming.

I hand her my application and she asks if I’m travelling within the next 6 weeks. I say yes (going to Vegas in July for TAM7!!!). She goes “you can’t do this here,” and I say “The website said this is where–”

“You need to go to Passport Canada.”

“Uh… I did. Their website told me to come here to–”

“No. We’re a receiving agent. We take up to 6 weeks. You need to go to motherfucking Richmond.”

“Jesus… Ok, well can you look over my application to make sure they’ll accept it, because it would be a real bitch if I had to make two trips to Richmond.”

“No, we only review applications when they’re submitted. Next.”

So I continue on to work, where I now sit, covered in oatmeal, because I spilled it all over myself, my desk, and my office while trying to make a simple breakfast.



~ by jbrydle on June 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “My crappy morning, or, “More like ASS-port!””

  1. There’s a Passport Canada office in Vancouver, on Hastings near Granville. It’s about two blocks from Waterfront Skytrain station.

  2. Yeah, but it closes before I’m off work. It’s either go to Richmond in the evening, or get up way early to go downtown before work.

  3. I opted for getting up way early to go downtown. It went well. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Skytrain to downtown trumps riding a bike into Richmond any day.

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