Everybody loves math jokes!

I swear this is nearly verbatim.

Roommate says, “I got a buncha holes in my pants,”

and I cheekily say “well, three at least, otherwise it would be a skirt!”

He replies, “Yes, I don’t suppose you could have pants with just one hole could you?”

“Sure, you could have those feety pyjamas!”

“Hmm, if you sewed the tops and bottoms of two pairs of pants together you could make a kind of Möbius Pants that, topologically speaking, wouldn’t have any holes at all.”

“When you take them off, is it a Möbius Strip?”

“Yeah, and when you wash them, they’d be Klein Pants!”

We should not be allowed in public.


~ by jbrydle on June 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Everybody loves math jokes!”

  1. I knew Klein was going to be the punchline!

    I used to make Klein bottle jokes all the time at work. One guy got them every time. The actual joke is that only he thought they were funny.

    I sent him a message full of randoms 0s and 1s once. Half an hour later he said “How did you encode this? It doesn’t work as 7bit encoding or 8bit.”

    I don’t remember the setup, but my best joke ever ended with “I said ZERO insertion force!”

  2. Nice post……

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