Facebook and Fan Pages

I love Facebook more and more all the time.  The recent changes they’ve made to the home page “feed” have fundamentally changed the way I view and use the site. I’ve found link sharing to be enormously helpful in finding useful and interesting information, and becoming closer to my friends.

This is my profile. If you enjoy my blog and would like to be bombarded constantly with the links and videos I find most interesting day-to-day, become my friend!

One thing I’ve been using in particular is the fan pages system. This allows you to get updates from businesses, organizations, products, etc as if you were their “friend”.

The pages system has a lot of potential, but right now it really sucks. It feels tacked-on, and amateurish. I would love to see it become a fully integrated part of my profile. When I add a band or movie or whatever to my ‘favourite’ list on my profile, I want to be automatically added as a fan, and start receiving updates regarding the band’s latest CD, when the DVD of the movie comes out, new books by that author, etc.

For that to happen, there must be some verification process for official fan pages. That’s not hard – Twitter does it.

This way, the personal information section of the profile would become less arbitrary. Sure, a list of movies and books is great, but what if I want to list my favourite philosophers or restaurants? It’s all fair game using fan pages.

So I was browsing the existing pages for stuff to add and declare my support for, and I noticed a surprising lack of pages in favour of vaccines! This is something I care about, as a scientific skeptic, and something that really needs publicity in light of Oprah, Jenny McCarthy, and the whole anti-vaccine movement. So I made one. Everybody become a fan of vaccines! Share it on your profile! Yay!



~ by jbrydle on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Facebook and Fan Pages”

  1. We’re having this anti-vaccine craze over here at Israel as well. Thankfully it’s not really garnering any followers. When I think about it it’s kind of scary, not just because of the diseases, but also because it really shows us how people tend to make decisions on every matter – including hundreds of others we’re not aware of but still affect our lives.

  2. Good job! I can’t believe there wasn’t a fan page for vaccines already!

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